The value of PROJECTNPS

The world's first tool for measuring, benchmarking and improving project management performance

ProjectNPS provides the project manager with real-time feedback on the things that are going well and any opportunities for improvement. It can validate a particular approach taken or identify a process getting in the way of delivery. A project manager’s ProjectNPS score can also be used during performance reviews or when applying for a new role.


ProjectNPS provides the project sponsor with real-time feedback from the stakeholders and project manager on how effectively they’re governing the project. It can capture information related to how quickly decisions are made or support provided to keep the project moving forward. A project sponsor’s ProjectNPS score can be used during performance reviews.


ProjectNPS provides the PMO with feedback on the support that they’re providing to senior managers and project managers. The feedback will allow them to continually improve the service they provide and refresh their value proposition to the organisation


ProjectNPS provides a benchmark of how well your organisation is performing overall. It does this by aggregating your portfolios, programs and projects. It also allows organisations to identify star performers, use the data for performance reviews and address development issues both for individuals and at an enterprise level. Organisations will also be able to benchmark themselves against competitors locally and worldwide.

How it works

ProjectNPS uses the Net Promoter® approach to measure the service being provided by project managers, project sponsors and the PMO. Stakeholders simply answer three simple questions every reporting period and provide feedback on what could be improved. Reports can then be run to review and act on the feedback and a ProjectNPS score is generated.
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Our Vision

Projects, when done well, can change the world
Great projects start with great leadership

The key to delivering projects successfully rests with the people who have the accountability and responsibility for them. Waiting until the end of the project before you provide feedback is often too late. ProjectNPS provides you with the data required to make immediate improvements, or accentuate the positives so that project management is the best it can be. Our vision is to improve the project management experience around the globe. ProjectNPS will be the catalyst for this.

  • % Projects Unsuccessful

    According to the Standish Group, only 29% of projects were successful in 2014.

  • % Budgets Wasted

    Low performing organisations waste $250m for every $1bn of project budget spent

  • % who don't understand value

    Almost half of organisations surveyed say they don't understand the value of project management

Executive Team

40+ years of project delivery experience and a passion for customer service
Co-founder & CEO
Colin is the author of The Conscious Project Leader and works with organisations around the world to transform delivery cultures. He started life as a project manager and now has 20 years delivery and leadership experience.
Co-founder & CTO
Dave helps internal shared service providers adopt Net Promoter principles and use customer feedback to provide better service, improve their reputation and, ultimately, increase the productivity of the businesses that rely on them. He has worked in IT for 25 years, with a career spanning software development, project management, leadership and management consulting.


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